Trains, Planes & Automobiles holds regular auctions of trains, diecast cars, tinplate toys, boats & ships, aircraft, and other toys & collectables, both old and new. Check our Home Page for news of current auctions.

First Monday Toy Auction
The First Monday Toy Auction is a train and toy auction held on the first Monday of each month. The auctions are conducted in our Auction Rooms at The Gearin in Katoomba and are also broadcast live online at

Silent Auctions
Occasionally we conduct a silent auction. In this type of auction, bids are submitted over a period of one or two weeks, as absentee bids, and when the time is up the highest bidder on each lot wins that lot. Because we are not limited by an auction session at a set time, a silent auction allows us to offer a large number of lots in a single auction.

Quiet Auctions
Some years ago, we introduced the "quiet auction", which is not silent but is not as loud as usual. It is somewhere in between. The quiet auctions are held on the internet without video or audio. Absentee bidding and live online bidding are available, but there is no bidding from the floor.

Third Sunday Toy Auctions
We occasionally hold an auction on the third Sunday of selected months. These are daytime auctions which are are held in our Auction Rooms and also broadcast live online at

Special Auctions
We hold special auctions from time to time, usually when we receive a private collection of particular interest. These auctions may be conducted in our Auction Rooms or at an on-site venue, as appropriate. As with all our auctions, they are broadcast online at

News of all forthcoming auctions is displayed on our home page.

Also check our Auction Preview page for a look at what's coming up in future auctions.

What our customers say

I enjoyed the informal atmosphere of the auction on line and the titbits of information that the auctioneers offered as each lot was shown.
This is the first time I have used your auction services – I am sure I will do so again.
I'm very pleased with your service, I appreciate your professionalism and reliability.
I'm so happy about my new toy!
I want to thank you for a perfect transaction made from your December auction.
Love your business, staff and auctions. Look forward to the next Monday Auction.
Thank you for your integrity and great service... this could not have been a more satisfying transaction.
The best time at an auction ever.

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