How to Leave Absentee Bids

• Online

Online absentee bid form
Submit your bids using our secure online form.
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• Download an absentee bid form  Requires Adobe Reader

Open absentee bid form
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You can print it out, fill it in and send it to us.

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You can fill it in on you computer, then email it to

• You can also submit bids:

By phone
(02) 4787 7974

By email

By post
The Gearin, 1 Goldsmith Place, Katoomba, NSW, 2780

In person
Bids can be left at our Auction Rooms during viewings and at other times when we happen to be open.

If you have registered to bid online, you can leave bids with


How Absentee Bidding Works

The bids you place are your maximum bids, the highest you are prepared to pay. During the auction, your bids are submitted by the Auctioneer on your behalf, as though you are present in the room. Bidding starts at the advertised starting price and the bids rise according to set increments. So the first bid accepted – whether an absentee bid or other type of bid – will be at the starting price.

If you win a lot, you won't necessarily pay the full amount of your maximum bid. You may pay much less, depending on the other bids received.

Absentee bids are submitted before floor bids, telephone bids, or internet bids. If two or more absentee bidders have left bids on the same lot, the bids will be submitted in the order they were received.

Please ensure that your bids comply with the published bidding increments (see our Auction Terms & Conditions).

Note that all bids submitted are in Australian dollars (AUD).

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